Matt is the Senior Instructor and Chief Operations Officer of Twentytwo-2 Security and Firearms Training. Matt has over 30 years of firearms experience from hunting, sport shooting, military and law enforcement training and deployments.  He has more than 10 years Law Enforcement and Security operations experience, he was trained by US Army and is currently certified by the State of Arizona as an Armed Guard, Firearms Instructor, and Armed and Unarmed Guard Instructor.  With 20 years of experience training Military, Law Enforcement and Civilian personnel in tactical, precision, and sport shooting, utilizing various weapons systems, Matt has a proven track record as an instructor.  Matt comes to us as well trained and proficient in self-defense, unarmed self-defense, tactical,  and law enforcement shooting.  To add to his accolades, Matt is also a combat veteran with over 17 years of service between the US Army, and US Marine Corps.

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