This time slot is for the individual with the initials RH. If that is not you, please please contact us as soon as you can  to schedule your course of instruction. The time that you request will be set aside for you, so please make sure to save the date/time so that you do not miss your training. If you fail to contact the instructor at least 24 hrs prior to your scheduled training to reschedule, you may forfeit your payment. If you have to cancel your training, you must contact the instructor NO LESS than 72 hours prior to your session or you will forfeit your payment.

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This course is developed for the gun owner who desires individual training. The class is tailored to each student based on their previous firearms training/experience. After speaking with the student, our highly trained personnel develop a specialized course to meet the needs and goals of each student. We use a variety of training techniques and tools to ensure that each student receives the highest quality training available. For more information on our one-on-one training sessions, please fell free to contact us via Facebook (Twentytwo-2 Training LLC) Instagram (@exodustwentytwo2), text or call (520-255-2646), or email us at support@twentytwo-2training.com.

Course length (2hr min), and can be broken up over several days to fit into your schedule.

Price: $25 per hour

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