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With the current political environment, and all the gun free zones, we have law abiding citizens who are not allowed to protect and defend themselves and those innocent people around them. Even though Cochise County and the state of Arizona does not allow firearms on school grounds, we feel it is vitally important that our teachers know how to deploy a firearm, how to defend themselves, and what the law says about both. So we are offering our AZ Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) Class at a discount for our educators. If you would like to pay for a teacher to attend one of our classes, simply select the number of seats you want to purchase and check out. If you have specific teachers that you would like to donate the seats to, have them contact us with your name and we will verify that the class was paid for and work with the teacher(s) to set up a class.  If you are a teacher and you have several other teachers that want to attend with you, contact us and we can set up a class for you.  This is one way that we feel we can give back to those who give our kids so much.


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