“If a thief is caught breaking into a house at night and is killed,the one who killed him is not guilty of murder.

But if it happens during the day, he is guilty of murder.” Exodus 22:2 (GNT)

providing the highest quality firearms training

in Southern Arizona

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Our Team

Angela Dorman

Angela Dorman

Chief Information Officer
Angela is the Chief Information Officer for TwentyTwo-2 Security and Firearms Training. She is the mother...
Mathew Dorman

Mathew Dorman

Chief Operations Officer
Matt is the Senior Instructor and Chief Operations Officer of Twentytwo-2 Security and Firearms Training...

Ryan Kinslow

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Ryan is the the Co-Founder and CEO of Twentytwo-2 Security and Firearms Training. He has an extensive...
Amber Kinslow

Amber Kinslow

Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer
Amber is the Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer of TwentyTwo-2 Security and Firearms Training.  She is...


The Guard Dog
Don’t let the size fool you, he is one bad dog… Guaranteed to sit in your lap and disrupt...


The training given by Ryan and Mark is top notch. Both men are professionals in the field of fire arms training. The class is conducted in a manner that is for both the novice and more experienced shooter. I would highly recommend this course for anyone looking to get better acquainted with their handgun or rifle and learn the foundation of laws for the individual who wants to carry concealed.

The training was very detailed. Reviewing federal and state laws and statutes coupled with class discussion of common and even extreme occurrences, helped expand my understanding of acceptable uses of force in the act of defending my loved ones and my home. The range experience is second to none. I was fortunate to have two weapons experts work with me until I was comfortable and confident with manipulating and employing my personal firearm and various other firearms. I highly recommend Exodus 22:2 Training!!?

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Sierra Vista, AZ
987 Horner Dr.